A visual journey through the life and artistry of Kipara Mzuguno 

Kipara Mzuguno, from Dar es Salaam, posseses a distinct and intricate painting technique borne from a legacy set by his late father, David Mzuguno.

“Evolving Echoes: Kipara Mzuguno” invites you on a visual journey through the life and artistry of Kipara Mzuguno, a masterful painter who carries forward a rich family tradition while carving his distinct path in the world of art. Born in 1991 in Dar es Salaam as the son of the celebrated artist David Mzuguno, Kipara’s connection to art is deeply rooted in his upbringing.

This exhibition is a testament to the enduring power of artistic lineage. It showcases Kipara’s evolution from a young prodigy, painting alongside his father, to a seasoned artist who deftly combines tradition and innovation. Though influenced by his father’s technique, Kipara’s works bear the unique emotional and creative imprint of his own journey.

With “Promesse de la Langue”, Moïse Touré wishes to establish during this Tanzanian project a dialogue between Swahili, French and English. He thus wishes to question the populations about how the French language entered their life, and how it articulates with the other languages present in Tanzania.


The exhibition will launch 18th of October 2023 and run until the 14th of November 2023 at Alliance Française of Dar Es Salaam.

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Monday to Thursday : 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

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