[ARTIST FUNDS] Fund for the support of Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa (FAEC)

The Fund for the support of Cultural Entrepreneurship in Africa (FAEC) has recently been launched in Tanzania by the French Embassy. Tanzania is 1 of 16 African countries to have been selected to implement projects under this fund. The fund will be utilised over 5 components

The first ambition of this project is to promote Singeli on the international stage, especially through the participation of two Singeli music managers, Masudi Kandoro and Abbas Jazza, in international music festivals and via the creation of a resource hub dedicated to singeli artists. The second component of the project aims to support the Meraki Fashion collective, through trainings from the Institut Français de la Mode (French fashion institute) and capacity building sessions. Moreover, the third component of the programme is the promotion of Ajabu Ajabu mobile cinema project, aiming to reach new audiences. The fourth aspect of the project is the support to Mkuki na Nyota publisher in order to create the first Tanzanian audio book. Finally, the fifth objective is the creation of a support and resource centre for artists at the Alliance Française of Dar es Salaam.

FAEC is aiming to promote the diverse culture of Tanzania and the vibrant scene of Dar es salaam.