Due to the sad circumstances, we decided to cancel all our cultural activities from today regarding the Francophonie until further notice. Our deep condolences to the Family of President Magufuli (MHRIP) and to the people of Tanzania


Kutokana na msiba uliotupata wa kitaifa, tumeamua kughairi shughuli zetu zote za kitamaduni pamoja na sherehe za Francophonie kuanzia leo, hadi taarifa nyengine itakapotolewa.Tunapenda kutoa salamu zetu za rambirambi kwa Familia ya Rais Magufuli (MHRIP) na kwa watu wa Tanzania 

17th – 31st March 2021 – Free entrance

Join us to celebrate La Francophonie 2021 events in Tanzania!

Every year, International Day of la Francophonie bids us to celebrate the beauty of the French language and its role as a channel for peace. Like any other language, French is a symbolic universe that gives rise to a powerful sense of belonging. Yet, the way in which the language has spread over history – a history with both its highs and its lows – has helped to create an international linguistic space unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Every national Francophone culture has made French its own, reinventing it through native literature and popular customs, making for a diversity that is now centered on the recognition of a common identity.

Through UNESCO who works closely with the International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF) in a number of global issues of interest to promote and disseminate a common heritage, the French language continues to gain larger grounds and to reach out to larger scopes.

This year, six (6) diplomatic missions in Tanzania (France, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, and Vietnam) who are members of the Internal Organization of Francophonie (OIF) will celebrate the Francophonie with an objective to promote the French language, within diversity either linguistic or cultural.  On this occasion, respective members have organized a series of free events that will run for two weeks, from Wednesday, the 17th to Wednesday the 31th of March, 2021. 

S.E. Abdelilah BENRYANE (the Kingdom of Morocco; Vice-President), S.E. Frédéric CLAVIER (France; pilot), S.E. Pamela O’DONNELL (Canada), S.E. Peter VAN ACKER (Belgium), S.E. Didier CHASSOT (Switzerland) & S.E. Nam Tien NGUYEN (the Socialist Republic of Viêt Nam)