Maurice Bidilou, Pellosh
Congo-Brazzaville, Photographer

Maurice Bidilou, a.k.a. Pellosh, was born on August 15, 1951 in Bouansa in the south of Congo-Brazzaville and became an
apprentice photographer in Pointe-Noire at the age of 20. He has devoted his entire life to his passion. In 1973, Pellosh
ordered his first camera, a 6×6 Yashica and became a travelling photographer. From village to village, he offered his services and worked at night in the huts of the chiefs to develop his negatives by the light of an oil lamp.
In less than a year, his savings enabled him to open his studio in Pointe-Noire. Very quickly, the “Pellosh Studio” became a renowned place where families, couples, friends and “sapeurs” who wanted to immortalise happiness and success came together. In the evening, Pellosh wanders through bars, dance halls and concerts and mingles with the freedom-loving youth. Pellosh had the eye to capture this generation!


The Alliance Française is pleased to present “FROM WEST TO EAST”, an exhibition of photographs taken in Pointe-Noire in the 1970s by the Congolese portrait photographer Maurice Bidilou, known as “Pellosh”. The meticulously selected photographs are amazing testimonies of what post-colonial Congolese society was like and reflect Pellosh’s unique and sensitive style as a talented portraitist.
Emmanuèle Béthery, the curator, is a talent hunter and was immediately attracted to Pellosh’s personality. For this exhibition, she has decided to
focus on the 1970’s and 1980’s when people were hopeful and cheerful as independance had been newly acquired.
According to her, paying tribute to Pellosh’s work, which is a truly living memory, had become a priority.


Exhibition running until October, 26th 2022.

Opening hours of La Galerie in Alliance Française :
Monday to Thursday : 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

Friday : 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm
Saturday : 10am – 1:30pm

The Curator, Emmanuèle Béthéry is on-site to answer all your questions about the photographs and the exhibition. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet her !